BioSonic started out as project inspired by two major influences. The first was the experiments written about in book called The Secret Life of Plants (1973), written by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird.

The second was the experience of this type of technology at a place called Damanhur in Italy.

This book and these experiences taught me that plants have and exhibit a particular type of intelligence that can be expressed musically.. which humans have a natural sense for understanding.

While it is already possible to purchase devices from other companies that accomplish this translation of inner plant life to sounds, they tend to be complicated and often expensive. As such, I was inspired to build a device of my own so I could continue to explore this usually very quiet world of plants, and create something that other people could easily use and enjoy as well.

See BioSonic in action on the Media page

BioSonic is still in the development stage of the product. With the multitudes of input given by so many interested people, we have been working hard to sort out how the first version will be when it launches.

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